Watching Webcasts in the Warehouse

Today we gathered at Transformix Plant 2 to work on our shooter calibration and to watch the webcasts for the week 1 regionals.  webcastCongrats to our friends FIRST Team 772, Sabre Bytes who were winners at the Smoky Mountain Regional!

Today was Alex’s birthday, so he got to wear our fancy tiara to celebrate.happy birthdayWe’re starting to really notice the time passing.  Some of us are feeling the time crunch!  There are only 5 more days until we are competing in Oshawa, and we’re still working on some critical components. We’ll figure something out in the nick of time!designingOur skills at vacuum forming chain guards is increasing by the day.  We made another mould today, and will work on our final moulds tomorrow.  Thank goodness for all the Timbits consumed today.  We needed the cardboard to help stabilize the styrofoam!making moldsBetween designing, scouting, programming, shooting, and vacuum forming we got pretty hungry.  Pizza sure was delicious!  Speaking of food, K-Bots: if you have not yet put in your food order for Oshawa, you need to contact Colleen.lunchWhile we ate, our new friend the Roomba helped clean up some of our carpet.  It’s mesmorizing to sit and watch it move around and around.roombaCome see the Roomba and the rest of the excitement at the warehouse tomorrow from 10AM-6PM.  Bring your own food!

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