Snow Day

What a surprise to arrive at school to find out that buses had been cancelled, and that things were pretty quiet throughout the building.  We took advantage of the time to put up our pit walls and to work on a new way to make chain guards.pitWe also re-made the shooter stand that we started yesterday, which ended up being really tippy.  This time we made sure that everything was nice and square, and all the same length.  cuttingIn the end, we had a nice square table that could support the ball shooter….shooter mount…and what’s best is that it is exactly the same height as the robot!  levelIn other news, we realized that a lot of our tools are still at the Transformix warehouse, so when we were working on some electrical projects we ended up using a kettle steam to shrink the heatshrink around the wires.heat shrinkWe’re working Friday from 5PM-10PM at KCVI.  This is the last date to submit trip forms and fees.

We’ll be back at Transformix on Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-6PM to program our shooter and to pack up our tools to prepare for competition.  Bring a lunch!

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