Leap Day!

We enjoyed our leap day together working on our pre-competition plans.  Our Chairman’s presentations are in development…chairman's…and pre-competition scouting is being started.  It’s hard to believe that some teams are already headed to their first competitions.  We’ll be doing the same thing in a week!scoutingWe’re working on mounting our ball launcher on a robot height platform so we can continue to work on our programming this weekend.  supportProgrammers are hard at work.  programmingToday we learned how to revive a corrupt cRIO!  If you’re dealing with a similar issue, please check out our whitepaper.weighingWe have been trying hard to get an accurate weight for our robot so we know what leeway we have to add more appendages.  We weighed the bagged robot, and then the bag….did you know that the bag weighs 2.5 pounds?! new tablesWe’re working away, enjoying our lovely new work tables.  Thanks so much to Kleton and Levac Supply for helping to make this renovation happen.



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