Cheeseholing the Code

We met today to work a bit with our mechanisms that we withheld from the bagged robot.  For some of our mentors who were on their reading week, this is the first time for them to see the robot in a bag!mentorsFriends of K-Bots are always dropping by to see what’s going on.  It’s hard to explain exactly what goes on at robotics, and much easier to invite friends to see for themselves.compomantAs we design more robotic components, we’re finding that we’re needing to take lots of measurements to determine the optimal place to mount our appendages.  We’re really glad the bag is clear!baggedWe’re looking for any place we can to lose weight on the robot.  Our programmers offered to cheesehole the code a bit to help out.cheeseholing the codeOur workspace is looking really great!  We have tables put together and shelves waiting to be filled.  It will be a much more organized place to work next spaceWe’re working from 5-10 on Mon, Wed, Fri and from 10AM-6PM on Sat and Sun until competition.

For all who are going to competition, we need your forms and money handed in by Friday.

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One Response to Cheeseholing the Code

  1. Mr. Wood says:

    One does not simply divide by zero!

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