Today there was a very exciting delivery that came to our school from Levac Supply and Kleton who gave us a very good deal on new furniture for our workroom.unloadingWe unloaded a truckload of boxes and carried them upstairs.teamworkThere’s not a lot of space in room 107 anymore!  All of the old furniture is on one side of the room, and the new furniture is being assembled on the other side.boxesAs we unpacked the boxes, some of us decided it would be fun to hide out timeSome of us weren’t so good at hiding.sam in a boxOur bin racks are looking really great.  We’re going to know where everything is soon!organizationThere’s another storage rack for the wall.  organizationWe started putting together the workbench frames.  With a little teamwork it became an easy job.teamworkMost of us are pretty skilled at assembling things with nuts and bolts.teamworkOthers resort to hammers to make pieces fit.use the hammer“I’m going to use a hammer, because my name is Kevin” -Mr. Wood5 dollar shirt saleWe are currently having a $5 old team shirt sale.  There are limited sizes and styles available–first come first served.boxesWith all of the assembly happening in our workroom, we ended up with a lot of boxes, which we stacked in the hallway.fortOur stack of boxes quickly was transformed into the most incredible box fort that we’d ever seen.  kingThe fort was ruled by a king, queen, court jester and a horse.  They survived and thrived, expanding their kingdom halfway down the hallway.  They defended their realm against enemy clans, and maintained peace until it was time to collapse the boxes to be recycled.


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