Now What….

It was strange to have no robotics after school today.hanging outSome of us ended up migrating naturally to room 107 anyway to hang out, knit Kare-bots, and discuss how much fun competition is going to be.surpriseWe were met with a surprise in the back of the room.  Look at the space!  It’s never been so clean back there!furnitureWe’re preparing for the installation of our new workbenches and storage system.  Thanks so much to one of our K-Bot alumni, John, for helping out with the furniture moving.  You never know what you’ll end up doing when you come back to visit during reading week!

K-Bots, the shipment of furniture will be arriving tomorrow.  We need all hands on deck after school to help with the moving and installation.  We’ll work until 5PM at the latest.

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One Response to Now What….

  1. Cornelio Delgado says:

    Excellent job team. Congratulations all of you for this extraordinary effort.

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