In The Bag

The last day of build season was an exciting one!  Rodrigo was so excited that he wore his safety glasses all day long!safetyAfter school many parents volunteered to drive us to Transformix Engineering where we ate snacks and did homework….dinner…and worked on programming the robot….…and finishing up the wiring.electricalThanks so much to Transformix for letting us use their space for the weekend and letting us bag and tag tonight.  We’re making ourselves at home!  There are Queen’s jackets everywhere!Queen'sWe had a few visitors come to see the last exciting moments where our robot was driving around and shooting baskets.  It’s really thrilling to see everything come together at the last minute and work like it was supposed to!robot fan clubChris, from FESTO, was excited to see the pneumatic components in action.  He’s arranging FESTO giveaways for competition this season.FESTOWe also had our follow-up with CKWS TV.  It was exciting to have media present for the final moments of our build.  Bag and Tag was officially documented this year, and a two part series about our team will air Monday and Tuesday at the 6pm news on CKWS.CKWSOne minor hiccup that we had to negotiate before bagging the robot was our bumper design.  After recent clarification our original split number bumper was deemed to be against the rules.  We quickly made some patches to sew on.  bumperThere were still plenty of people taking naps on the sidelines…It will take time to regain all of the lost sleep from recent days.sleepyWith 30 minutes to go, we separated our shooting device from the robot to hold back and work on over the next little while.  Thank goodness for a withholding allowance!removing witholding allowanceThere was great hustle near the robot, and also in the Transformix lunch room.  We cleaned up all of our dishes and food and prepared for the excitement of putting the robot into the upBut first…we needed to weigh our robot.  Using the bathroom scales gave us one estimate…weighing…Transformix’s industrial scale gave us another….weightWith a 20 pound shooter, we’re under weight!  bag and tagWe gathered at 11:50 to bag our robot.  Everyone wanted to be a part of the momentous occasion.CKWSIt’s all caught on film!doneWith a sigh of relief and a few cheers we were done, with a few minutes to spare!happyIt’s a strange feeling to be done building.  We’re used to seeing each other every day, and now we’ll take a day to rest and recover before we start thinking of all that remains to be completed before going to competition.  sad it's overWe’ll miss each other in the mean time though!  Good work everyone.  Thanks to all of our families and supporters for helping us through an intense 6 weeks.  Enjoy your rest.

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