Warehouse Day 3: “It will be ready in 10 minutes”

Our day started off with some rewiring….wiring…and some robot weighing….”uh oh!”…weight….we then discussed where we could drill more holes to lose those 2 extra pounds…strategy discussionMany thanks to Allan from Transformix for volunteering his time to help us in the machine shop today.  In the end we weighed in at approximately 119 pounds!rivetsWe spent our time riveting…eating…eating…knitting…knitting…scoring lots of points….and scoring lots of points with our amazing shooter.mentoringWe were glad to have visitors here today.  Mentors from our rookie team came to get some parts and discuss the finer points of programming, and how to pass robot inspection.  Our friend Chris, from FESTO, came to see how things were doing.  He’ll be back again tomorrow to watch the shooter work.programmingWe had families come to spend part of their family day with us, to eat meals with us and watch the robot do its thing, one system at a time.  Some parents pitched in to help with the robot building.mother daughterFor most of the day we had only one system working at a time.  It became a bit of a running joke that the entire robot would be fully functional “in the next 10 minutes”.  We waited a long time for those 10 minutes to pass.  yummyWhen the robot was finally driving, and shooting, and went over the bump, and balanced on the bridge, we celebrated with Girl Guide cookies, courtesy of the Pathfinder group we worked with last week.  Thanks so much girls, they were delicious!

Tomorrow we’re working after school until the deadline for bagging our robot (midnight).  CKWS will be filming, so please wear your purple and hats, be enthusiastic and positive.

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