Day 40: Fine Tuning

Warehouse day 2: Happy Birthday Kevin!happy birthdayToday we continued to cut holes in our robot…drilling….and we are optimistic about reaching the 120 pound weight limit.cheeseholeWe’re filing down all of our parts to keep things smooth and to lose weight where we can.filingAs the mechanical team finished up their work, the programmers kept working hard writing code….programmers….while wires were run between all of the robot’s electrical components.electricalOur human players took to the field to try their long distance shots.human player practiceWe had two really great meals which kept us working hard all day.dinnerWe’re realizing the importance of washing hands before we eat.  Look at all of the dirt!dirty handsAfter getting the mechanical and electrical and pneumatic systems all rigged up, we ran into some issues with our victors…frustration of the evening…and our jags…frustration of the eveningWe’re working hard to resolve these issues, so we can make our robot fully operational!

K-Bots, we’re working from 9AM-10PM tomorrow.  Wear your purple (and bring some extra purple for a friend).  There is an opportunity to get our photo taken with our robot tomorrow at 9:30 AM.


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