Day 39: Transparent Robot

Warehouse Day 1: Our robot is now cheeseholed to transparency….warehouseToday we started off bright and early in the Transformix Engineering Plant 2 Warehouse.fireWe worked hard to reassemble our robot to get everything in working order to test some key components that Purolator delivered today!  purolatorWe’re so excited to be in the warehouse and wrapping up build season.  Some of us are wearing robot themed accessories!spiritBefore too long we set to work putting holes into our robot….EVERYWHERE!weight lossWe weighed the robot….and look what the scale said!weight lossJust kidding….that was only part of the robot.  We think we’re on target though.lunchWe ate a yummy lunch provided by our parents.  It’s so nice to be well taken care of during a very stressful time.who's that on the floor?After lunch it was nap time, until we had to construct the field.  It takes a lot of power to keep the warped wood lined up properly.fieldThe Cyberfalcons, FIRST team 3710, joined us in the warehouse today, and helped out fastening the field pieces to the carpet with heavy duty velcro.cyberfalconsHard work leads to more nap time!nap timeOur electrical and programming team worked hard to get all of the sensors connected and working.electrical and programmingProductivity was everywhere….bumpersThe Cyberfalcons made bumpers…programmingWe worked on programming….field construction…and built a human player station….sparks flew….and made sparks fly!absolutely happySome of our mentors were ABSOLUTELY happy with all of our progress…..while others were a little concerned to see the robot disappearing before their very eyes.a little concernedOur families came to visit us and see our progress all day long.  All of Mr. Wood’s family was here all at once!family day weekendWe appreciate our families encouraging us through these last busy days.  It’s nice to share the excitement with everyone we love.


"130 slices...yes 1-3-0. Can you deliver it to a warehouse?"

For dinner, we ordered 10 extra large pizzas.  Yes…that’s 130 slices!  They were delicious.  Powered by pizza, some of us took to cleaning up.cleaningSpontaneous sweeping is always a good thing….so is collecting piles of files!  Rhyming organization is the best kind.

piles of files

piles of files

Together after dinner, we moved our field set up to prepare for driving and testing.  We want to be sure that we don’t have low hanging fans or hoses to worry about during human player practice.field movingWhile waiting for the testing to begin, we entertained ourselves in many different ways….one of which was a crazy hair extravaganza!  Thumbs up to everyone!crazy hairIt was such a great work day today.  Thanks to everyone for bringing your best effort, enthusiasm, and patience today.  Please also bring your homework tomorrow….there will be some moments of down time where you can get ready for Tuesday.  Also….when you arrive tomorrow, say happy birthday to Kevin!birthday boySee everyone here at 9AM!

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