Day 38: Dear Duncan

Today we had a chairman’s meeting to prepare for our presentation.  We also made great progress on our top-secret knitting project.projectScouting meetings have happened, and we’ve started working on a database.

We celebrated a double birthday today!birthdaysOur robot must have done a lot of exercise and eaten a lot of healthy food!  Today it lost some weight.  We used rivets instead of bolts….  rivetsWe cut holes in everything…holesUsing the vacuum is important….otherwise the 4 pounds of aluminum shavings would have ended up in the chain.holesWe nibbled a lot of lexan….nibbling…and a lot of metal…nibblingChallenges were given, and accepted….to get all the nibbling done in half an hour.


"if you're not done nibbling in 30 minutes you're off the team" "challenge accepted"

After cutting holes, we needed to debur.  This led to a discussion about “deburring and purring”.  Oleg was very good at this.


purring and deburring

Our electrical box lost some weight too, and it is still attractive.  electrical boxWe ate MEAT….on a stick!  Thanks parents for keeping us fed.meatAfter dinner we cleaned up our workspace. “I used the vacuum!  It sucked” -SampackingWe packed up our gear to get to the warehouse tonight.  We’re making a nest…but we feel it will be empty without you!

nestLucky for us, the cyberfalcons will be joining us so we’ll have real robots to play against….instead of a “oiseau”oiseauSpeaking of birds….we had a little fun with the internet.  (we’re all a bit flah-cray-cray around here!)


When flamingos go crazy they turn into chickens.

Some of us are wondering where you are.  We miss you already.

“Who would go skiing instead of going to bag and tag?” -Kylie

K-Bots: we’ll be meeting at the Transformix Engineering Plant 2 Warehouse tomorrow morning at 9AM.  The warehouse is located at the corner of Gardiner’s road and Cataraqui Woods.  Wear warm clothes.  Bring something to sit on (floors can get cold in a warehouse).  Bring your homework.  There will be times when it is very busy, and times when you can take a break while others work on the robot.

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