Day 37: 4 inches of wire equals 1 cheese hole

Today we’re trying to lose weight.  weightAfter a few jokes about exercise and eating vegetables, we started having a serious discussion about how to reduce our robot weight.  It seems that this time of year, we’re always trying to reach that magic number of 120 poundsmeetingTo do this, we’re going to be drilling a lot of holes, and making some tough decisions about what can remain on our robot.  Some mentors have done calculations about just how many cheeseholes it takes to lose a single pound.  Others speculated that shortening wires would make a similar difference. “4 inches of wire equals 1 cheese hole” -Kevin H. [we haven’t seen the proof yet]deburringWe drilled and deburred a lot of aluminum.  “Deburring is a pain in the arm!” said our little helper.lexanWe even cut holes out of our Lexan panels.electrical boxWe’re investigating where it’s possible to take weight out of our electrical box.  With a bit of finesse, we might just squeak by under the weight limit.robotAs we’re removing some components, we’re adding others.  It’s a balancing act, deciding which features are necessary and which are extra.homeworkBetween discussions and machining, we took some breaks to complete homework and study for tests.scoutingWe also got a great head start on organizing our scouting binder for GTR East.projectWe completed the first phase of our super-top-secret project…dinner…and we ate a great spaghetti dinner.happy birthdayIt was really nice to have a special visitor join us on his 13th birthday!

We’re working at KCVI tomorrow, getting everything packed up and ready to go to the Transformix Warehouse on Saturday morning.  deodorantWe’ve already started packing up some of the essential tools.

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