Day 36: Things are Picking Up!

Today we put things together.  Not only did we complete and submit the Chairman’s report, but we also picked up a ball with our intake system!  Our robot designs are slowly becoming real.  It will be exciting to see the final touches get added in the coming days.  Until then, here’s a close up look at some of the components of our robot.

components components
components components

A lot of machining was done today at Transformix Engineering.  machiningWe’d like to thank Allan for doing such a great job for friendsThis afternoon we were excited to see our new friends, the leaders from the Pathfinder group that we visited yesterday!  They came to see our robot and have a look around.  We hope to arrange a visit for their pathfinder group in the spring.robot demoWe had more visitors this evening when our school hosted Grade 8 information night.  Many grade 8 students toured our room and saw our 2009 robot on display in the library.  We’re always game to show off our robot to an enthusiastic crowd!

K-Bots: be sure to sign your waiver so you can join us at Transformix Plant 2 Warehouse this weekend.

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