Day 35: Valentines, LEGO and Kare-Bots with Pathfinders

Happy Valentines Day from K-Botics.  Thanks so much to the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. for bringing us some treats.  They were really good, and so creative!valentinesWe worked hard today putting more pieces onto our robot.  Wheels are turning, and other components get added each day.robotThanks so much to Bruce at Transformix for all of the machining support this past tryoutOutside in the hallway we continued our driver tryouts.  Thanks to all who tried out for driver and operator this season.  A list of competition roles will be posted soon.valentinesWe had so many treats today!  Thanks so much to our supportive parents who take care of us so well.  MikeThanks also to Mike for coming to visit us today.  It’s always great to see members of our big purple family come back to lend their support during build season. demoThis evening a small group of K-Bots went to a local Pathfinders meeting to do a workshop using LEGO robotics and to also teach them how to knit.LEGOThe LEGO robotics portion included putting together a robot and also programming it.LEGO demoAfter a short time we had little robots spinning around and singing songs.knitting lessonKnitters on the other side of the room were hard at work learning the skills of casting on, knitting and casting off.  It takes great focus to get all of the steps in order!focusMany thanks to the girls and their leaders for agreeing to make some Kare-bots for us.cookiesMany thanks also for the gift of girl guide cookies!!

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