Day 34: Software Issues

Our work is never done.  We have been drilling holes in lots of things today.machiningWe have also been cutting various materials to attach them to different components.precision workIt’s hard work to stay focused after a long day of school…working hardThe wires are all in place now.  Sensors and drive motor controllers have been connected.wiringThings have really come together quickly in the past few days.cyberfalconsThe Cyberfalcons have been hard at work too.  We had a visit from them today.  Their robot is looking very cool.  We look forward to sharing time in the warehouse with them this weekend.dinnerOur dinner tonight was delicious as usual.  Each night we’ve had something different and interesting to eat.  Thanks so much parents for looking after us so well.decreasingAfter dinner we worked on some of our projects.  Our super-top-secret knitting project is getting really large.  We got some yarn donated to us today from Wool-Tyme.  wool tyme donationThis sweater was never completed.  We’re not sure if we should finish it or take it apart and use the demo prepWe’ve got great Valentines day plans for tomorrow.  We’re spending the evening with a girl guide group teaching them all about LEGO robotics and knitting.  They’re going to make some Kare-bots for us.

Robot progress is going well.  We’re now dealing with some software issues!  These are sometimes the most frustrating things to fix.

Good luck to all of our mentors who are writing midterms this week!

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