Day 33: Bacon, Bumpers and Bridge Balancing

Today we made progress on our robot.  We sawed some parts….some of us tried sawing left handed to keep muscles balanced.  It’s harder than it looks!


Sawing with her left hand, to keep her muscles balanced

After sawing, the parts had to be filed.  We’re getting very good at filing!  There will be no sharp edges on our robot. filingWe’re making supports for the pneumatic systems and for the battery.  It’s quite a riveting experience.rivetingProgrammers worked hard today getting robots ready for driver tryouts.

thumbs up

thumbs up!

Our 2012 robot now has bumpers fully mounted onto the frame.  We’re glad we made reversible bumpers.  It would take up a lot of space to keep two sets in the pit!

bumpersAt lunch brunch we had pancakes and eggs and BACON!  In total we ate 10 pounds of bacon, and 5 dozen eggs.  Thanks so much to the Tavares family for the feast.


BACON!! To die for!!

Our electrical crew worked hard on various electrical boxes.  The apron of doom was a very good shield–aluminum shavings in the electrical components is never good.

electrical boxJags are now mounted….electrical boxSo are the victors…victorsAnd the wires are all being put in placewiringWe’ve had lots of helpers working on our electrical system. Thanks to Richard from Transformix for lending a hand today.electrical boxWe took a break to de-stress today.  Bubble wrap is a wonderful toy!bubble wrapIn the afternoon we set up the gym for driver/operator/human player tryouts.tryoutsWe practiced throwing long distances.  Some of us scored on the basket–some came close.  Our mentor, James, scored twice!tryoutsThe tryouts consisted of driving an old robot around the gym, through an obstacle course, over the bridge and back, and balancing.  We had a defense robot to deal with too!testAll interested drive team members then took a test to see how well they knew the rules of the game.

Any interested drivers/operators/human players who did not get to try out today can do so tomorrow after 5PM.

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