Day 32: In Which We Meet Sawyerbot

This morning our early risers got right to work assembling the Sawyerbot, a test chassis we’re using to practice our end game strategy.SawyerbotThis was a great task for some of our newer members who are working on building mechanical skills and leadership skills too.

“I’m usually not a leader in anything, but today it worked!”-Sawyer, Grade 9SawyerbotWe read our bumper rules carefully today and realized that we used 1 1/4 inch angle which was not allowed.  Lucky for us, we are using drywall angle which is easy to snip down to bumper constructionOnce we were done the bumpers, we had to try them on something.  Since the robot was being worked on, we tried to wear the bumpers ourselves.bumperOne task that some of our mentors have been working on involves a lot of counting.  Calculating gear ratios is very important.tweedles countingSometimes we need to double check our numbers!Kaitie countingWe used a permanent marker and wrote the number of teeth on each gear.  shopping tripWe realized that we were missing some parts, so we went to the store.  On the way back, we saw a Trojan Horse.  You never know what you’ll find on an adventure to the hardware store!horseBack at K-Botics, our electrical team was hard at work on the electrical box.electricalOur mechanical team was assembling various robot components.precision workWe’re looking forward to a very productive Sunday build session.  Be there….from 10-6!

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