Day 31: Putting It All Together

Today we were excited to welcome the CKWS news into our workspace.  We showed what we’ve been working on, and what a finished robot has looked like in the past.on the newsSome of our team were interviewed.  We’re thankful for our media training sessions.  CKWS will be filming again on Bag and Tag day, Feb. 21st at the warehouse at midnight.  It will be exciting to see ourselves on TV, but we’ll have to wait until after the 21st! interviewMany projects got worked on today.  Chains are now adjusted…chainSupport plates have been made…battery mountGear boxes have been assembled…gear boxMotors are now on our chassis…motorsAnd the wiring is in full swing.wiringAs in years past, we’re making an electrical box to house our components.  We’re getting fancy with colour coding this year.  The electrical box will be very pretty!electrical boxOur whole robot will be very pretty this year.  We can’t wait to see it in its final state.  For now, we will be satisfied to admire the CAD on the computer screen.  Families and friends are always impressed to see what we’ve been up to.  Please feel free to drop by and have a look!our designWe’re continuing to work hard, making parts and assembling our robot.  Safety is very important–we all wear safety glasses in the back of our cuttingSome of us even wear them when we go for dinner!  safe at dinnerWe’re starting a new fashion trend.

K-Bots: We’re meeting this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  This is a very critical weekend.  We need all hands on deck to assemble the robot pieces.  Be here, be positive, be productive, and be safe!

We also want to emphasize the importance of cleaning up!!apron of doomIf you do not clean up, you’ll have to wear the “apron of doom”

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