Day 30: The Calm Before The Storm

Today we got some more machining and welding done on our parts.  Before we know it, we’ll have all of the pieces, and have to scramble to put it together.filingWith more welding comes more filing–It will be an exciting day when all of these pieces form a robot!bumpersOur bumpers got their angle today…tensionOur chains are being tensioned…chairman'sOur chairman’s team had a brainstorming session…programmersOur programmers worked hard on getting the vision system working, and also getting our old robot for try-outs ready to drive in various configurations.super-top-secretOur super-top-secret project is continuing to grow larger every day…bending…and we’re bending a whole lot of Lexan.  little fingersWe’ve got some little jobs around here perfect for some little fingers!  We’re glad to have little friends come and work with. big purple hugsAlthough our team is feeling the time crunch, we’re still looking out for each other.  There’s always time for a hug!

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