Day 29: Have you met Chain Man?

Today we finished up some loose ends with our Chairman’s essay.  The deadline for Chairman’s and for some scholarships is quickly approaching.chain manMeet chain-man, a new friend of our team.  Chain-man was created when we dismantled our drive train for what must be the 10th time.  Each time we reassemble it, we realize that something’s missing.  We’re getting a lot of practice which will be very valuable for our pit crew!measuringOur team has no machine shop access at school, so we’ve had to get lots of work done via our sponsors.  We want to thank Transformix Engineering, one of our gold level sponsors,  for helping us out with machining and welding today.  We do have access to a bending machine at school, and we’ve been working with Lexan to make various robot parts.  We need to carefully lay out the pieces, then cut them out.filingAfter we cut the Lexan, we need to file it smooth, and then we put it in the bender.planningWe’re working also on our electrical system.  Thanks to Kraftwerk for bending our electrical box for us this year.  We’ll be installing our components and wiring things over the next few days.dessertWe’re grateful to parents and families who continue to support us as we work long hours building robots.  Tonight we were fueled by quiche and ice cream sandwiches.  Delicious!

We’re looking forward to another productive day tomorrow.

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One Response to Day 29: Have you met Chain Man?

  1. As a grandmother type lady, I wish we had had programs like this when I was a kid in the 1960’s. I love everything you are involved with, and have helped my husband and sons work on related projects. I still can’t get them to try knitting. I have to do that alone!

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