Day 28: Filing and Smiling

Today we worked hard on a variety of tasks.  Some of us worked with sheet metal, laying out our parts according to their drawings.measuringOthers worked on soldering components onto the new circuit boards that came in the mail from our sponsor Advanced Circuits.circuit boardsWe’re excited to have our name on our circuit boards!circuit boardsOn the other side of the room, we knitted away on our top secret knitting project.  Little by little, it is growing, thanks to the efforts of many knitters!knittingMore machining was done today at Queen’s University.  We’re thankful to Queen’s for helping us get all of our machining done in such a short partsOf course, when we have new parts, there’s going to be a lot of filing.  Some of us are experts at filing!


Filing and Smiling

We’re working on assembling our chassis and getting wheels turning.  To do this, we needed to get our chains the right length.  Thank goodness for our pre-season chain lessons!breaking chainWe cut pieces today for welding projects tomorrow.  It takes a lot of planning to have everything done on time to be put together.cuttingAll systems are important. We don’t want to forget pneumatics!  We’re investigating what parts we have, and what parts we need.pneumaticsTo help with our research, we examined the pneumatics from last year’s robot.revisiting the pastDespite the long hours and the chaos of week 5, we’re still smiling!It’s Remi’s birthday.  He’s smiling too!

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Remi

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