Day 27: Welded!

Many thanks to all who have been working to help us get our chassis welded together!


We spent time filing down the weld surface to make it nice and smooth.  filingWe put duct tape on the aluminum to make sure we didn’t file away our robot!filingWith wheels and sprockets on, we attached our chain.chainPretty soon, this robot’s going to be driving!filingWe’re working hard to get all the needed parts to fit nicely within the frame.  Sometimes those parts need a bit of filing too.power toolsSome of the parts needed a little bit more work.  A few sparks flew!electricalIn other news, our circuit boards arrived from Advanced Circuits, so we got straight to work soldering on various components.circuit boardsIt’s precision work, but when done with friends, the assembly line process is lots of fun.bendingAnother fun job is bending Lexan.  We worked with a heat gun and bent various robot parts.  It takes a lot of muscle power to make bends with large pieces.programmingProgrammers are working hard with the cameras and other sensors.  We’re all going to be excited to get our hands on the 2012 robot to test out the code for real!drive testingFor now, we’re using our 2010 robot for drive testing.  We are dealing with a real opportunity for trouble shooting as we often need to fix bits and pieces.dinnerWe want to thank our school principal for the wonderful pizza dinner.  It’s great to have such support from our school community.tweedleAfter a long day of machining, our trusty mentors need some well deserved nap time.  We might need to make our nest again soon.

tweedle in a nest

remember this?

We also want to thank Richard, from Transformix for coming out to chat about our progress, and help us along.  We appreciate the support of our sponsors.TransformixIt’s going to be a long day tomorrow.  Be prepared to stay late.  We’ll see tomorrow if we need to do that.

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One Response to Day 27: Welded!

  1. conanvette says:

    Pretty cool looking project! Did you by chance incorporate any TIG welding during the process?

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