Day 26: Productivity!

Today we worked really hard, because there were lots of jobs to do!working hardWe cheeseholed lots of metal…cheeseholes…then we deburred and filed everything so nobody gets cut.filingWe greased up some gears…gears…then we reassembled the gears, with the help from a video.gear boxThe case was cheeseholed too, so we had to tape it up so nothing will get in.cheeseholedSome of us started to work on our electrical box.electrical boxWhile others did some physics.


Look JNo, it's cantlievered!

For a while it was getting pretty loud in the back of our room!loudOut in the hallway we continued to work on bumper painting.bumpersPainting is exhausting work!nap timeWe were happy to share our workspace today with the Cyberfalcons FIRST team 3710 who brought a really cool piece of metal to show us!
cyberfalconsIt is so exciting for us to get our hands on the tools and start to make all the little pieces come together.  It will be a very busy week.  We may work later on Tuesday to assemble some major pieces of our robot.

K-Bots:  Please fill in the competition roles form to indicate what you’d be interested in doing at competition.

Note:  Testing for Drivers/Operators/Human Players includes skill with the robot/ball AND understanding the rules of the game.  Time to study!

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2 Responses to Day 26: Productivity!

  1. WesBot says:

    what about knowing how to properly lift a robot?

  2. Cornelio Delgado says:

    Fantastic job, team. Congratulations. Have a very productive week.

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