Day 24:Bumpers, bumpers, and more bumpers!

We started the day cutting out fabric for our bumpers.bumpersIt’s so important to measure twice before cutting…bumpersWe need to leave adequate seam allowance, and leftovers to staple to the plywood.bumperWe cut, sewed, and stapled, and then put the numbers on.  To do this we use a stencil, and white pencil crayon to mark out the numbers. This is a job to do when everyone is awake and focused so numbers end up oriented properly.bumper numbersFabric paint, in a squeeze bottle, is used to apply the border paint for the numbers. This is a job for someone with really steady hands.  Once the numbers are outlined we’ll have a painting party to fill the numbers in. Painting within the lines is an important skill!

While the bumper making happened on one side of the room, we had a little machining going on in the back of the room.

drillingWe also spent time organizing our connectors…organizing…and making some last minute CAD edits.CADWe’re also continuing with the Kare-bot production!  Kare-botWe’re thrilled that Wool-Tyme Kingston has helped us to spread the word in their monthly newsletter.  To knit Karebots please check out the pattern here.

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