Day 23: Bumpers and More!

Day 23: Today we made bumpers.  We had to be careful and measure twice before we cut the pieces.  This year we had enough pool noodles saved up, but we’ll need more for next year.bumpersAfter doing extensive calculations, we purchased Galaxy Twill fabric from Fabricland.  We cut out pattern pieces, and pinned them to the fabric, and cut out what we needed.bumperMaking bumpers is hard work.  Sometimes you just need to take a nap.


"I was guarding the pool noodles"

We are making reversible bumpers [instructions], so we needed to sew the red and blue material together.  All of the extra time spent in bumper construction will be saved at competition in the pit.bumper“I didn’t know that I could sew!” -Liam, grade 9bumperWe took turns making sure that the seams were straight.  While sewing machines were used in one half of the room, the saws were working in the other half.

saw saw

In other more exciting news, we have rims on our backboards now!  We’re working on using sensors to help us score baskets.rims

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