Day 22: Making Cheeseholes and Declaring Friends

Our day today was split between several tasks.  One major accomplishment was cheeseholing some of our pieces.  We measured…cheeseholes…then made a template for our bear paws…template…we punched to mark the center of each circle….center punch…and then started to drill.drillsWe lined up the holes pretty well this year… is a precision operation!cheeseholesThere are lots of cheese holes to make, so we all took turns.cheeseholesWhile not cheeseholing we occupied our time updating the media binder with our recent news binderWe drilled access holes to the valves for our wheels…valve holes in sprockets…and we displayed our Kare-bots in the main hallway at school.karebotsCAD drawings got completed…CAD…we weighed our metal…17 pounds!17 pounds…and we took a trip to buy bumper material.bumper materialTo burn off steam we took a break to practice throwing.throwing practiceWe’ll have human player tryouts after we have a bit more practice time.throwing practiceThe Tweedles showed us how to throw with great distance and accuracy.  showing how it's doneProgramming work is coming along too.  “We’re declaring Friends”-Mr. Wooddeclaring friends

We have had a few phone calls recently from the Cyberfalcons.  They left some robot pieces here when they visited last.  Luckily we were able to tell separate their pieces from ours.  Cyberfalcons: your material is here when you need it.

falcons on the phone

In case you’re wondering what’s up with our duo…they’re still friends too.


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