Day 21: Machining Begins

Day 21 finds us cutting metal at Transformix Engineering.robotTo make these parts we needed to go through quite a process.  Drawings were made using CAD software.CADThe printed drawings, were then checked overcheckingAnd then they were taken to Transformix for TransformixWe turned all of our metal into much smaller parts.metalThanks to the machinists who made it happen!processWhen parts are completed, they need to be examined, and the sharp edges removed.inspectingLooking at the pieces in this small cardboard box….we begin to wonder about the final size of the robot.small robotMeanwhile…back at KCVI.  We had a visitor today who dropped by to get more yarn for Kare-bots.visitWe also had visitors who brought us our batteries from Florida.  Thanks so much!visitorsWe devised a way to do tandem knitting.  2 knitters on one project is pretty cool knittingWe did some bumper math calculations.  Look at our reversible bumper instruction guide.bumper mathWe looked at various sensors and how to use them effectively.sensor testingOur team had been working on a super top secret project for the past few days.  We’ve made warm fuzzies for our mentors.  Today they were delivered.  Mentors are appreciated for the time and effort they put into our team.warm fuzziesWho doesn’t like warm fuzzies?!  Why not thank a mentor today!

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