Day 20: Weighty Decisions

Today we had to make some decisions about weight.  Our robot looks like it might be a bit heavy.  We are not sure what (if any) mechanisms we need to do without, or how much mass can be removed through cheeseholing.discussionsWe experimented with the bridge, to see how possible it will be to get three robots balanced on it.  We needed to use extra weights from the weightroom next door to simulate the situation.heavy robotProgramming is happening…programming…and it looks like the camera is working!  Here’s a robot-eye-view of the bridge balancing experience.robot-eye-viewWe worked with sensors, and are deciding which kinds of sensors give us the best data.  sensorFor some of us, today was a great time to get hands dirty, greasygreasing a gear box.  greasing gearsOthers spent their time evaluating our website, and looking for scouting information about other nearby teams.webWe’re thrilled to announce that CKWS will be following our team this season, and will be in to film on Fridays.  In preparation, we have had a media workshop to prepare for speaking in live interviews.  media prepLunch was delicious chili and yummy desserts.  Thanks again parents for all you do to support our team.  By eating together, and laughing together, strong bonds are formed.  We enjoy getting to know families too.  Many little siblings are excited to grow up and join our team.lunchDuring lunch we had some very interesting discussions “Why go on a date when you can play Starcraft” etc.

Later in the day we welcomed the Cyberfalcons (FIRST Team 3710) to join us and use our bridge and work room.back to back programmingIt’s nice to have our workroom buzzing with activity.  It’s also nice to see how other teams are approaching the design challenges.  We look forward to sharing warehouse space with them during the last week of build.

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