Day 19: SNOW DAY!

Day 19: Today was a snow day! Due to the snow, all of today’s exams have been postponed to next Thursday, Feb.2nd. Enjoy the extra studying time! However, it takes much more than snow to keep a K-bot down.friendshipEven though there was snow, many K-bots showed up bright and early. As they say, “The early bird catches the worm.” During exam weeks, room 107 is open starting at 8:30 a.m, so drop by whenever you can!

Throughout the day there have been driver training sessions in the hall outside of room 107. The trainees had to maneuver around pylons that were setup on the track. course

While the robot was having communication issues, we ran through the course instead!  Also, our mechanism for crossing the bridge has been confirmed to function.bridge

But the robot has sustained some damage, as has the bridge!

bridge repair

Much progress had been made in knitting today as well. While some of us are knitting …


Others are sorting out the knitting cabinet …


so neat!

And others are winding the wool into more manageable balls….winder…with greater or lesser success…winderThe wool will be used for team hats and for Kare-bots


kare-bot in progress

We have a team member who is planning on taking some Kare-bots to India to distribute this winter!

Kare-bots for India

Kare-bots for India

As usual, the never ending CAD party is still occurring. We have printed out two-dimensional drawings of the robot and the three-dimensional sketch of the robot is nearing completion.

CAD PartyWe love it when people bring us snacks.  Parents sometimes bring us left overs from work.  Today we got some interesting treats from Stacey.snacks

We had many visitors in 107 this evening. We were very glad to have the custodians dropping in for a visit, and a quick eye-glass repair.  We have the best tools around!glassesWe were also very happy to have some friends of friends come to check out what we are doing.

visitorsWe received a call from the Cyberfalcons, team 3710, asking some software questions.  Our lead programming mentor was unavailable, so our student lead took his turn being tech support.

tech support

For dinner, we had a delectable meal of perogies and ham. It is so great how our parents volunteer their time and money to make sure our team gets to eat good food.


After dinner, some K-bots checked a motor to see if it had any malfunctions.

short circuits?

BEEP! (that's for you Kevin H.)

If you are having any difficulties getting along with each other, remember, “Cooperation rather than competition” – Eric, Grade 9

Tomorrow, we meet from 10-6 and lunch will be served. Get lots of sleep this week, and GOOD LUCK ON THE EXAMS!

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