Day 18: We Got Our Metal!

Day 18: EXAMS ! YAY!

Today is the first day of exams. If you don’t have an exam, you can just stay home and rest. If you are not a K-Bot, that is.  Exams are just as important as robotics. Some of us study, while the rest us build robots. Some us had exams today, so go cram for it!studying

Some of us worked on the wheels for our robot this year. It is very important to make sure everything works in order to perform well at competitions.


Some of our metal came in today. It gave Mr.Wood and Mike quite a workout carrying the pieces in….

metal…more than the chin-ups back in 2010 perhaps?

chin ups

robotics works the whole body-photo from 2010

Russell’s dad brought in juice boxes and chips today. It’s nice to take a break between robotics and Exams and have a snack. Thanks!

food time

We then set up driver practices. Many of us tried our hand at driving.  We’re having drive team try outs in February!  Practice is important.


We’re still working on how to tip the ramp.  It’s all coming together quite well.  Get ready to CAD more parts tomorrow, and finish up all part drawings.

wheels done

By the end of the day, our wheels were finished and ready to go.  We look forward to watching these wheels drive around soon.

Tomorrow is another long day!  Room 107 is open from 8:30AM-10:30PM.  Good luck on exams everyone!

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