Day 17: Prototypes and Driver’s Training

Day 17:  Today is the last day of classes for us at KCVI!  For the next little while our work space is open all day AND after school.  This will be a productive week!  Our electrical team went for a field trip today to Kraftwerk to discuss how we’re going to bend metal for several robot components.  We are so glad to have the assistance of Kraftwerk again this year!
driver training course
We worked today on our driving skills.  We carpeted the hallway and set up an obstacle course.
programmingProgramming needed a little tweaking to make the robot easier to drive.
testing the controlsIt takes a little time to get used to the controls….extreme focus…and then it takes intense focus to drive the robot without hitting the cones.  We saw a lot of promising drivers today!  We’ll keep practicing, and have some driver tryouts in early February.organizational boardWe’re organizing all of our tasks on our big organizational chalkboard.  There is so much to do!CADWe’re working on our CAD drawings still.  We’ve got lots of part drawings to get done before we can manufacture all of the parts.  prototypeWe’re prototyping various devices to manipulate the ramp.  To make it more fun we split up into two teams (girls vs. boys) and had a competition.prototypeWe’re planning and measuring and cutting material carefully.prototypeWe’re working together, mentors and experienced team members are showing our rookies how to work safely.sawIt’s exciting to see our designs work well!  Even if our designs don’t work well, we can learn from that.

our design is tweedle approved

our design is tweedle approved!

We took a break for a delicious taco dinner.  It is fun to eat all together like this.  Everyone gets to know everyone else.  “My favourite meals in the week are the ones I eat at robotics” -Olivia, grade 8dinnerWe also get to meet family members…new friends…and welcome them into our big purple family.  Family members love Tweedles as much as the rest of us!we love the tweedleAfter dinner we kept working on our prototypes for ramp manipulation.  When tested on the ramp, the boys’ prototype was definitely the loudest, but the girls’ seemed to be a little more effective.  Good work girls!

Best of luck to anyone writing exams this week.  Study hard, and come build robots when you’re done.


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