Day 15: Good News and Bad News

The Good News: We got our new hoodies tonight, and we all love them!   Thanks to Primetime Custom for doing such a good job on them yet again.hoodiesSome of our mentors are working very hard on their knitting. knittingThis season we’re knitting little hats to be give-away buttons for competitions. We’re known for our hats!dinnerWe had a wonderful ham supper from Jan and Ann tonight, and some special treats for Chinese New Year! Chinese New YearAfter dinner, we got right back to work.  Some of us are trying to get the camera code to work properly.programmersOur Chairman’s video is really starting to take shape. chairman's…and we had a great session to edit our Chairman’s essay.Chairman'sPlenty of us are working on the very confusing bumper math. bumper mathWe’re trying to make reversible bumpers again this year, but in a slightly different configuration.  It’s a pretty good math problem!  We did lots of research today, and called different stores to source fabric and white Sharpie fun zoneLots of work got done in the “no fun zone” today! The “no fun zone” is a quiet place for things like CAD to be finished without any disruptions.  By the end of the evening we got our CAD drawings ready for machining!prototypingOur prototyping team is looking at various ways to manipulate the bridge.  We’re coming up with some good ideas!  It helps to work with such a big creative group.what's this?For those of us who are in the know…this picture marks a rather momentous occasion.  We’re starting to work on the next part.what's this?Lots of us are tired out from long hours at robotics.nap timeNap time is much more comfy with bumpers as pillows!

The Bad News: We’ve got a potential hiccup with our machining that’s causing us a great deal of stress. We also have not yet received our metal shipment. Time is ticking by, and we’re crossing our fingers that it will all work out ok. We made cookies tonight to be delivered with our part drawings to the with bakingWe made LOTS of cookies!


"I may be taller than her, but she's still intimidating!" -Sam, grade 10

We hope machinists like chocolate chips!cookiesWe’re thankful to everyone who is pulling strings to help us out.  We are lucky to have a great support system, including our own superhero!stem

We work tomorrow until 7PM.  Come ready to do lots of work, we’re a bit behind schedule!

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