Day 14: Prototypes and Discoveries

Day 14: Our morning started off with a fun game of “name the battery”.  We decided on some good ones like “Sparky” and “Tristan”.

naming batteries

We had another birthday to celebrate today!  Our tiara is certainly getting a lot of use.


We had lots to accomplish today, so we got right to work in small groups.


Our programming team is working on how to work with the camera.


Our bridge was balanced by adding surgical tubing.bridge

We’re now able to test balancing in more realistic conditions.  We started testing some of our sensors on the bridge today.


We were treated to a delicious lunch…


….which fueled our afternoon’s prototyping extravaganza.


We learned about how to connect pneumatics, and what pistons might be able to do on our robot.


We looked at how to control the ball, and came up with a pretty good system.

electrical box

We had a look at last year’s electrical box, and decided how to make changes for this year.test chassisThe test chassis got used again by our programmers to test some code.


To help with more prototyping, we had a look through our scrap metal.  Our quest for the keyed shaft was unsuccessful.  “Would the steel shaft sink to the bottom of the pile because it is more dense?” -Mr. Wood


We were able to brainstorm anyway, and the ideas were flowing!

use your head

He's using his head!

Today we made some interesting discoveries.

1.  Mike likes apple juice.

apple juice

2.  Our team is very creative and thoughtful!  Look at the surprise birthday message that was hidden under the sliding blackboard.surprise

3. It is possible to fall asleep on a keyboard.sleeping4.  Tweedles can knit!knitting

5.  Some K-Bots make tea in the normal way….tea

…while others prefer to chew on teabags…


As time goes by, we are progressing with our robot designs, our game strategies, and problem solving.  We’re also learning more about our team mates and our mentors….we’re becoming more tight knit with each day.

We work Monday until 10PM.  Be there!


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