Day 13: Parents, Pasta and Progress

Day 13: Our team celebrated another birthday today!  Happy Birthday!

After singing, we got right to work on our tasks for the day.  Part of our group worked on CAD, programming, electrical and mechanical design…


We’re making our 3D model into 2D drawings


Others got the robot demo ready to go for when our parents arrived.


Some ideas are being prototyped using meccano that one of our mentors brought in.


"We're playing with Mike's childhood"

The rest of us headed up to the kitchen to cook up a lovely pasta dinner for our Parent Appreciation Pasta Night.

hand washing

hand washing--step 1

One group made the cakes, which included lessons in egg cracking…

egg cracking lessons

…and a little bowl licking

lick the bowl

There were icing lessons…twice! (the original batch had to be discarded because the electric beaters broke and metal ended up in the bowl somewhere….it was sad to throw out all of that icing.  Thanks to Mrs. Wilson for lending her mixer and rescuing us with extra butter and sugar!)


Here’s everyone with the finished cakes.

kitchen crew

Another group worked hard chopping up vegetables for salad, sauce and stirfry.



crying over the onions

stir fry prep

We cooked up 4 different sauces (spicy meat, spicy vegetarian, plain meat and plain vegetarian).  Some of us are particularly skilled at stirring!


At 6:30 we had the food ready, and were excited for the families to mix and mingle in the cafeteria.  Kids, siblings, parents, mentors were all sharing in the fun.  It was great to see parents of so many rookie members of our team.

family dinner

We were thrilled this year to have our custodial staff join us for our pasta feast.  They are with us during the long hours of build.  Without them we couldn’t be building in the school!  We hope they’ll join in more meals with us in the future.


After dinner, part of our group got right to work on robot design once more, while the other part worked hard to clean up the dishes and rooms after our meal.  Thanks to the parents who helped out with the clean up!


We’re planning once more to put electrical components in a removable box.  Now that the CAD for our robot is almost done, we know the dimensions that we can work with for the electrical box.  It’ll be a tight squeeze to fit everything in!

electrical box

In the end we’ve got plans for our “really big” (note the air quotes for sarcasm) electrical box.


All in all, we’ve made lots of progress today.  We are looking forward to a very productive day tomorrow.  We work from 10AM-6PM, and will be eating LOTS of leftover pasta!

We’d like to say a very big thank you to all parents who came to eat with us, and a very big thank you to all the parents who were unable to attend.  We appreciate your support from afar.  Not only do you drive us to and fro, cook food for us, and help us cope with the stress of build season, but you also give us a good laugh from time to time!


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