Day 12: Adventures at the Grocery Store

Day 12:  We got right to work today on a variety of tasks. programmerWe’re getting a second driver station up and running so we can have drive practice before we hold tryouts later in the season.  driver training

Meanwhile….on the other side of the room…a rather creative brainstorming process led to the inevitable conclusion that we needed to use “the force” to keep our robot together!

the force

"lets hold our robot together using the force!"

We started to do some very premature pre-season scouting of the teams that will be at GTR East and Waterloo.  We need our new team mates to start connecting team numbers to names and their histories.


CAD work was continued.  We’re working on getting drawings done for our drive train.


We need to be careful with dimensioning and other specifications.  There’s lots to learn!


Part of our team embarked on a great expedition today to the grocery store.  Tomorrow we’re hosting our Parent Appreciation Pasta dinner, and we estimate 100 people will be there!  There’s lots to do to get ready for such a large event.  We made a menu plan and a grocery list.  We researched quantities online for feeding so many people. 

“5 lbs of ground beef….that’s like a baby cow!” -Sam, grade 10

We researched coupons and estimated how much dinner would cost.  We then took a field trip through a blizzard to the grocery store.  We got strange looks buying SO much food!


For future reference: we bought 5lbs of ground beef, 7 onions, 16 900g bags of pasta, 8L of tomato sauce, 6 cans of tomatoes, garlic, 12 peppers, 12 heads of lettuce, 4 heads of romaine, 4 cucumbers, 2 bags of spinach, 5 bottles of salad dressing, 6 carrots, green onions, 5 loaves of French bread, 5 cake mixes, cooking oil, 2 dozen eggs, 2 pounds of butter, 2kg of icing sugar…and all that cost around $140.  food

We’ll start to cook right after school tomorrow!

In knitting news….we’ve got a new expert!  Kare-bots are being knit EVERYWHERE!!!


our other knitting project is ongoing, and ever growing larger.  It will be exciting to see it completed!

other knitting

We’re having lots of fun with each other while we’re working hard on designing our robot.  We are celebrating the small moments, like finding a heart candy with FIRST on it….


…and we’re developing bonds as a team….and inside jokes as well.

come at me bro!

Come at me bro!

We work until 10 tomorrow.  Our Pasta dinner starts at 6:30, but families are welcome to arrive early or stay late to see our progress.

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