Day 11: Mecanum Over The Bridge

Day 11:  We worked on many little projects today.  We continued the never-ending-CAD party…


…while some of us worked on programming…


….others learned how to knit….(and did a mighty fine job!)


….while expert knitters worked on our super-top-secret project…


We all managed to keep ourselves busy, and have a little fun too!

CADOur new task today was to take the 3D CAD and produce 2D drawings which will be used when we need to manufacture some of our parts.  We ran into a slight big hiccup today when we realized that we’d been using 2012 inventor on our laptop, but we only had 2011 inventor in our computer lab.  The two versions don’t communicate perfectly with each other.  Lessons learned for next year: always use the same version of CAD!


As always, we had a delicious meal prepared by our parent community–our parents make great food!  THANKS!!


We really enjoy when families come and eat with us.  It is nice to get to know each other.  Maybe these two little guys will be on our team in the future.

pasta dinner

We’re in the process of doing pasta-math for our dinner on Friday.  We are cooking dinner for our entire big purple family!  All K-Bots and their families should RSVP online to be included in the count.  Mentors need to RSVP too!!

RSVP please

We also invite parents and families to come and visit us during build season.  We like the moral support, and it’s fun to share our enthusiasm with everyone.visitorsYou never know what you might see when you’re here….sometimes it’s very exciting…like when a robot is tested on the bridge. (For all those wondering, YES, mecanum wheels did work going over the bridge)


…other times it’s less exciting….


…but no matter what, whenever you visit, you’re bound to see people making friends, and working with each other.  It’s a difficult process to design a robot in 6 weeks.  It becomes much more manageable when we have a strong team to rely on.


We work tomorrow until 7PM.  Be ready to make a big push to get part drawings done for the drive-train!!

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One Response to Day 11: Mecanum Over The Bridge

  1. Cornelio Delgado says:

    Let´s go team. You can do it. Your daily journey looks fantastic. Congratulations to all of you.

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