Day 9: Random Progress

Day 9: We had a photo shoot today for our Kare-bots.  We’ve been knitting them for our outreach project.

photo shoot

You can knit them too!  We’re going to send them as a packing material for medical or other aid supplies going to Africa or Haiti.  They are super awesome and lots of fun to play with.


Aren’t they so cute?


Shortly after our photoshoot we discovered that Sam has adorable, itty bitty ears.


Our programmers were working hard to learn how to code.


We emptied our recycling bin today.  During build season we have to empty it much more often.


We’re working on learning the game rules.  There are lots and lots of rules!rules

It was really exciting for us to get a postcard today!  Thanks JNo!

postcardWe had a really big CAD party and at the end of it our virtual robot is almost finished… Oh my gosh, it’s just like Tron!


We had a break for dinner where we had shepherd’s pie, and we went on a Tweedle Safari.   Dinner was delicious!  Thanks parents.


Observe the wild Tweedles dining in their natural habitat

We sang happy birthday for our birthday girl.

birthday girl

Of course, while all of our other projects are in progress.  We take breaks to work on our homework.  It’s a busy time of year for culminating activities.


We work tomorrow until 7PM.  Remember to RSVP for the pasta night

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