Day 8: What…It’s Day 8 Already???

Day 8:  Today started off with writing sponsor e-mails. We have had some workshops on how to do this over the last few days, and we sent some off this morning!
emailsWe’ve continued working on a top-secret knitting projects, and we’ve started some hats for some of our newer members.

Some people have been very creative in where they choose to knit… when we asked Sam why he was under the desk, he blamed “corporate America”.

Another knitting photo of our top secret project:  Watch it grow over time!

progressOur programmers have been working very hard, using our test chassis to decide how the controls will be laid out.programmersAfter modifying things, it’s really fun to drive the robot around!
programmersWe held a meeting right before lunch to discuss our latest outreach activity… we’re going global!  After our meeting we ate a delicious lunch.  Thanks parents for keeping us so happy and healthy!  We couldn’t survive our hectic build season without your support.
lunchAfter lunch, we split up into groups to work on various tasks that needed to be completed before the end of today.


Some of us worked on finishing up the field and setting it up in the gym…
field…While others worked on CADing various parts of the robot, including the drive train and some other ideas we’re working on.


We’re doing CAD in small groups, and in bigger groups too.

After consulting some of last year’s parts, we’re almost ready to order the things we will need to start building.
researchWe’ll meet next at the usual time after school on Monday. Enjoy your day off to relax and do your homework!

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