Day 7: Field Completion

Day 7:  Progress is coming along in almost all our super-special-awesome mini-projects, especially the knitting.


Some people are brainstorming


we have a couple people building a test chassis, for testing our maneuverability on the field.test chassis

Our field building is nearing completion! fieldToday we got the bridge done


and had a minor debate on whether the note written on them said “No humans on bridge” or “No, humans on bridge”


note: be careful to keep fingers and feet clear of the bridge!

It’s ok ’cause our status as human might be debatable!  We worked hard to reinforce the bridge so we can try to put several robots on it in the future.


After the bridge was completed, we got to work cutting wood for the fenders.  Thanks Mr. Firth for helping us out in the shop tonight!


For snack today we had delicious cookies!


In the back of our work space,  we got to have a little class on the function of sensors…sensors

…which led us to looking at the math associated with sensors.


We had a delicious dinner tonight provided by our very supportive team parents



Tweedle dinner time{but which is which?}

After dinner we made great headway on the CAD for our drive train.  We are working as a group, putting the CAD together on the big screen.  It is really interesting to see the process unfold, and to understand the logic behind creating the robot design.

group cad

While work was taking place, some of us worked on organizing the workroom.  We are going to have a renovation soon, and we’d like to start keeping our files organized, both to save time, and to keep things neat.


Throughout the evening, from time to time we were serenaded by violin music.

violin violin

At other times, people got a bit silly….


friendly strangulation seems to be the norm around here.

remember last year?tweedleWe build Saturday from 10AM-6PM.

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