Bus Cancellation today, but the school is open

Hello Everyone, the KCVI buses are cancelled for today due to the ice. The school is still open. Classes will still run.

Sometimes classes have very few people in them though. If your classes are looking pretty empty, come check to see what we’re doing in room 107. There’s a good chance there’s robot building!

We will continue to meet after school until 7PM tonight.

Please be safe out there everyone!

Update: the power flickered earlier, but is now on. We are building robots all day in room 107. Queen’s students please stop by and help out if you have time in your schedule today.

Update: the power is now off….

Update: the power is now on

Update: the power is off now (9:50 am)

Update: (10:20 am) students are encouraged to go home now. The school is being cleared out, as the power is still off. We are not building robots today. Students…please read the game and robot rules, and do homework. Tomorrow we work until 10:00 pm

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