Before The Lights Went Out

Day 6:  This morning began with the sound of ice being scraped from cars, and tree branches creaking and crackling under the weight of the freezing rain that had been falling since the wee hours of the morning.


The school buses were canceled, but the schools remained open for the students and staff that were able to get there.  We’d even put a special “Storm Survivors” category on the magnet chart.

storm survivorsWe thought that we would be able to have a full day of robot building….

emergency lights

…but then the power went out.  When this happens, everyone in the school must go to the cafeteria until the power returns.


We don’t waste a minute!  We’re working on many top secret knitting projects.

The power went on and of several times.  We kept returning to our build headquarters only to have the power go off before we could make any progress.  We found ourselves spending a lot of time in the cafeteria!

close knit

The power stayed off for a really long time.  in the darkWe guessed that a branch, or the sheer weight of the ice, had taken down a nearby power line.


We held on to the hope that the lights would go on in a few minutes, so we stayed.  We were really hoping to build today!  As the time went by, and students left the building, we ended up with the robotics team making up one third of the student body–a pretty impressive statistic, if only for a day.

We really hope that tomorrow will be back to normal, with a regular school day and a regular build evening.  Our thoughts are with our FLL friends who are preparing for the Provincial Tournament this weekend, and we hope that the driving improves for them.


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