Day 5: More Prototyping and Brainstorming

Day 5: After school, we made some more progress on building parts of the field.  We cut a lot of wood….so much wood that we started to wonder “How much wood would a Mr. Wood cut if a Mr. Wood could cut wood”fieldThe field’s barrier was finished today! The field makers have been making excellent progress so far and we are very eager to see the completed field.


Some of us have been learning how to talk to potential sponsors and how to write a formal email to a sponsor.

sponsor talk

Here’s a useful lesson.  CC means carbon copy.  Put email addresses here and they will get a copy of the email you are sending.  BCC means blind carbon copy.  Put email addresses here to send them a copy of the email you are sending, but nobody else will know that.


This means carbon copy. We learned that today.

Others are working hard on getting the chairman’s video completed on time.

chairman's video

Also, some K-Bots and mentors are busy on redesigning an electrical box.

electrical box

“Perhaps despite appearances, mentors are actually here to help you learn”– Tim, Grade 12

Mentors are also great for helping you with your  homework!


“Mentors are just like kids inside” – Harry, Grade 9

Today, we have some new members among us. We are teaching them how to knit, teaching them the rules, and how to CAD.



For dinner, we had some delicious enchiladas and other Mexican foods. We owe a lot to the supportive parents that take time out to cook such excellent dinners for us.


After dinner, we took a break from robotics and everyone had a lot of fun playing dodgeball in the gym.


Then we went back to the robotics room and split off in to 3 separate groups. Some of us went to brainstorm ideas for the chassis …


some of us went to plan for the drive train …


and others brainstormed ideas and strategies for how we’re going to score the balls.


Tomorrow we meet from 2:45-7:00. Get lots of sleep, and prepare for tomorrow!

Remember….“Robotics is like jazz; good for the soul” – Caleb, grade 11.

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