Day 4: Prototype testing and decision making

Work started today at lunch time for some!  Our goal of getting a prototype robot to traverse the barrier had a deadline of 6PM, and we were determined to make that happen.

lunch time

After school, we got some more wood for our field construction team…..


…we’ve made great headway on backboards and are ready to assemble a barrier and bridge over the next few days.  Our goal is to have essential field pieces built soon so we can begin to test robot designs on them.field

Measure twice and cut once!  We’ve been doing a pretty careful job so far.


Our CAD enthusiasts have completed the CAD of the field today!  We’re going to have so many more CAD jobs in the next week.  We will be preparing technical drawings of our final robot design and parts for fabrication.

test chassis

After a few hours of work this afternoon our simple chassis was driving.  Testing a chassis alone was not enough though.  We were curious about weight distribution and how tippy our robot might be.  test chassisWe decided to suspend a weight from a meter above our robot to mimic anything we might build up there, and then give it a try.  We installed plywood chain guards to keep us all safe.

“We’re prototyping, and it’s a bit sketchy as usual” -Raymond, grade 11


After ramming our test robot into a few barriers to test how it tipped, it was looking a little worse for wear.

“The past 20 minutes completely trump all of my experiences in grade 7 and 8.” -Olivia, grade 8.a real thinker

Back to the drawing board we go….

drawing board

By the end of our meeting today we have made progress in deciding the key configuration of our robot.  Now begins the fun of designing the details.  You never know where ideas come from.  We prototype and experiment with some interesting and unconventional materials.


We had the first meeting of the Chairman’s video team.  We’re starting earlier this year to make sure that we get the footage that we need without a feeling of panic!

video meeting

We have started several top secret knitting projects this build season.  They include a lot of creative design, and incorporating technology in unconventional ways.

knittingSome of us spent a great deal of time doing calculations, doing research and gathering our materials.

ball winder

"Didn't we design a better way to do this last year?"

We taught a few new members how to knit today.  When they were upset about making mistakes Paige had some good advice.  We think it applies to building robots too!

“You learn more sometimes from failing, than you do from doing things right” -Paige, grade 10

Every day we work hard to balance homework and robotics.  Sometimes that is best done alone…


…other times we gather to have group physics parties!


Tomorrow we meet from 2:45-10PM.  Dinner is provided.  See everyone there!


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  1. Cornelio Delgado says:

    Congrats team, very good job¡¡¡

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