Day 2: In Which We Get Organized

Our group was hard at work bright and early today!  We have so many things to accomplish, and so little time, we need to make each day count.  The big group got broken down into smaller groups to start tackling our immediate goals of the day.

We started the day by doing lots of talking and planning; devising a plan of attack is a great way to start the build season.


Our Chairman’s group has been working hard for a long time.  We’re now consolidating everything….and keeping a close eye on the mid-Feb. deadline!

programming group

Our keen programmers, and programmers-to-be, got to work.  This year we’re starting early, and starting from scratch with our programming.  It’s great to see so many students eager to sink their teeth into the code!


A little later in the day, the programmers were thrilled to announce the success of their code that they wrote themselves!  We’re looking forward to learning lots more over the next few days.


It was full steam ahead on the mechanical team until we read the bumper rules once more.  Teams: READ THE BUMPER RULES!!  We’re generating interesting ideas, and identifying challenges, and discussing how to solve our problems.  Eventually we needed a full group meeting to rank priorities of what we want our robot to do.  discussions

Part of our goal is to CAD things thoroughly this year to make sure everything fits together well.  We made a CAD drawing of the field today.


In our down time we knocked off a few thank you cards for meals and favours received in the past week.  We are so grateful to the support of our families and our school.


At lunch time some of us ate sandwiches….lunch

…others ate potluck leftovers….and others ate some yummy chili.  We are so thankful to the families that provide food for us during our long build season days!


Discussions never stop.  We’re always working on robot building strategy, even while eating!

Today, some of us focused on building components of the field.  We need field pieces so we can test robot designs and sensors.  We followed the technical drawings, and worked hard…measuring….measuring….measuring…


…and finally cutting out the pieces.


By the end of the day we had build a rather impressive structure!fieldIt’s nice to see things coming together so quickly!  We look forward to making more progress on the field pieces tomorrow too.


We were excited to have a K-Botics alumni visit today!  We could legitimately ask almost everyone in the room…”Have you met Haotian?”

K-Bots: Tomorrow we’re meeting after school until 10:00PM.  Dinner will be provided.  Bring snacks, and be sure to take time out to do your homework (maybe do it at lunch!)

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