Kickoff 2012: Rebound Rumble

Day 1:

This morning we gathered with our friends the Cyberfalcons before the webcast to drive robots and get organized.  We were glad to see so many families and sponsors join us for kickoff.


Some of the littlest visitors got to test drive the robot.  They did a really good job.


We even had cardboard Mike here!mikeOur auditorium was a perfect location to watch the webcast.  We had the big screen and big sound this year!  Thanks to our talented A-V crew for getting that hooked up and running smoothly.


We saw lots of famous people on the webcast….from former presidents, to TV celebrities, and!

Finally, after a lot of waiting, the game was released.  We’re playing Rebound Rumble this year….a modified game of 3-on-3 basketball!

rebound rumble

Here’s the game animation that was released during the NASA webcast today.

After the game was released we enjoyed a delicious potluck lunch.  Thanks so much to everyone for bringing such a great variety of food, and thanks specially to the parents who organized the clean up!


After During lunch, we stocked up on sugar…

cupcakes marshmallow robots

….and started to discuss robot strategy


After lunch we watched the game video and read the rules enough to understand the game.  Then, after brainstorming a few strategies, we simulated the game in the gym.


We have done this each year, and learn a lot from the activity.


We get a good idea of what offensive and defensive strategy might look like.  We get a feel for the timing of the game…and we have some fun being silly together.


We like having fun together.


It looks like the Cyberfalcons like having fun together too.


It was fun simulating the robot game with them today.  We look forward to meeting them in the not so distant future in a warehouse to play the game with real robots!


We need to thank the Cyberfalcons for bringing our kit back to Kingston for us from Toronto.  We got right to work doing a careful inventory and labeling the new motors and jags with 2012, so they don’t get confused with the old ones.


It’s a very special job to use the label maker….


We’ve outgrown our lab space for brainstorming sessions….

full house

…so we split up into smaller groups to brainstorm.


We’re focused on what kinds of things we want our robot to be able to do.  We also want to consider how to score the most ranking points.  Finally we returned and presented our ideas to the larger group.


We have combined the ideas from the various groups into a list of objectives for our robot this year.  Tomorrow we’ll start to get some of the specifics worked out.

clean up

At the end of the day, we cleaned up the demo, and cleared the decks for tomorrow’s work session.


Everyone’s been sent home to get a good night’s sleep, and to dream up great robot designs!  We’ll be at KCVI (room 107) tomorrow from 10-6.

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