There’s an App for That!

Are you getting excited for kickoff??

If you are dreaming of robots, here’s something that you can look at in preparation for our build season.

Our friends from Simbotics, team 1114, have released an app for robot building and more!

Download SimPhone now!!  It’s FREE, and available on the App store.

Thanks Simbotics for graciously sharing your wealth of knowlege and experience with the rest of us.

We look forward to learning from your app this season.


Update: Jan 4 noon

News from Bill’s Blog: There’s an app for the Game Manual too!  Search for “FRC Manual” in the App Store, or if you use Android, there is a link provided for the download.

The app currently shows 2011 game information, but will be automatically updated after Kickoff with 2012 game information.

Looks like it is time to get your technology ready now, so you have have all of the information you need on hand during build and competition season.

Are there other FIRST apps you know about?

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