Mock Kickoff

To prepare for what we know will be a very fun and hectic day on January 7th, we decided to host a mock kickoff during our robotics meeting today.  Several of our veteran team members took the lead, deciding that we would analyze the game from 2008 “Overdrive”.  Since K-Botics didn’t exist in 2008, the game was new to us all.

watching animation

We showed the game animation….

Each kickoff culminates with the release of the game animation for the new challenge.

After watching the animation a few times, and confirming that everyone knew how to score points, we headed to the back of the school to “play robots”, our favourite way to simulate the game.  Our phys-ed department was kind enough to let us borrow exercise balls to help with our simulation.playing robots

It’s lots of fun to be robots!  Some of us are pretty energetic robots!


We broke into small groups and, each armed with a package of rules, brainstormed strategies to play the game.


We followed up with a group discussion to share all of our ideas together.


Finally, we fast forwarded to watch videos of some of the successful robots at the 2008 competition.  Some were pretty cool!

To go along with our mock-kickoff festivities, we enjoyed a cake!


We love it when parents bring us snacks.cake

Today we had some crazy characters in our midst.  Here’s an “engineer”….


…and the “right hand rule gang”….fresh out of physics class.

right hand rule gang

After our mock-kickoff we took time to get things organized.  The next time we’ll be back here will be the big day!


Here’s some advice from Henry:  Sleep lots now, and get your homework done early!

nice jacket

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