K-Botics Parent Info Night

Today we welcomed many new parents into our big purple family.  parents

We explained about FIRST robotics, and about our team’s history and what we plan to do this season.  We explained the importance of mentorship and the support of our sponsors.

parent meeting

We also explained the importance of having families get involved on a day to day basis, and especially at competitions.

The first big event that everyone should have on their calendar is KICKOFF!  Saturday January 7th from 9-6.  The most exciting moments happen between 11:30 and 12:30 when the new challenge is released.  We’re having a potluck lunch together with the Cyberfalcons, team 3710 from Frontenac SS, and then we’ll brainstorm into the afternoon.


For parents that missed the meeting, or for those that would like to review what was discussed, here’s a brief summary:

Here is our build season schedule:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays we’ll meet after school until 10pm
Tuesdays, Thursdays we’ll meet after school until 7pm
Saturday we’ll meet from 10-6
Sunday (Jan 8th, Feb 12th, Feb 19th) from 10-6

During exams the room will be open each day for work on the robot, or homework.

We’ll work mostly at KCVI, sometimes at Transformix when we’re machining, and sometimes at the Transformix Warehouse for field testing.

We’ll be dividing up into several different groups during build season.  We’ll focus on drive train, manipulator, electrical, programming, chairman’s, communication/PR, and other things.  We want each student to try a few different groups to discover what they would like to focus on.


  • GTR East (Oshawa) March 8-10
  • Waterloo March 22-24
  • GTR West (we’re not competing, but we’re helping out a team from Cobourg) Mississauga, March 29-31

We emphasized our expectations for K-Botics members

  • school comes first (keep on top of homework and assignments.  Do not let your grades slip!)  There are lots of tutors in the room who can help with homework.
  • work productively, cooperatively and safely
  • take initiative and be a leader
  • regular attendance (the more you put in, the more you get out of the experience)

Note: Time spent AND productivity will be considered when deciding on who gets to travel with the team to competitions

We discussed what parents can do to help out

  • sign up and bring us food!  We eat team dinners on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and team lunch on weekends when we’re building.  We also love snacks!
  • carpooling with other families to get kids home safely
  • visit the team when we’re building (or mentor the team if you have the time)
  • think of sponsor ideas
  • come to competitions!

Our team communicates through a googlegroup email list, so be careful when replying to an email.  Reply to the original sender, or type in the email address of the sender to reply to them.  Otherwise you will reply to the entire parent list.  You should be getting emails.  If you are not, please use the “contact us” form and explain the situation.

Clothing Orders
We have a hoodie order going in soon.  Hoodies are optional.  The cost is $40, and we need the money and order completed by Dec.21st.  We will have a T-Shirt order in February, so stay tuned!

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