Field Trip to Transformix

TransformixToday we were very lucky to get a tour of both of Transformix Engineering’s plants. tourWe saw their machine shop, and also saw one of their automated high speed assembly robots.  The robots are really intricate and complicated.  They are also top secret, so we couldn’t take pictures of them.  We did take a picture of the warehouse.  This was where we practiced driving our robot last year.warehouse

There are some lessons we can learn about how to build our robot.  Make the wiring neat and label things well.


Many thanks to Richard, from Transformix, for giving us such an informative tour.  We look forward to working together with Transformix mentors during build season.

Thanks also to all of the parents who drove us to Transformix and back.

When we returned to KCVI some of us got to work on preparations for our Beta Test Open House this Saturday.


driving a robot with Kinect

Our test chassis is now hooked up to the Kinect, and we can drive!drivingIf you are interested in trying to drive a robot with the Kinect, please come to KCVI room 107 on Saturday.  We’re there from noon until 3PM.




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