Food Factor: FLL Tournament

Our tournament today was a big success!  We arrived a little bleary eyed at 7 AM, but by 8 AM everyone was ready to go and our school gym was buzzing with activity as teams arrived and set up, robots were tested on practice tables.

food factor

All morning teams presented their projects, robots, and core values for judging panels.

judgingThe hallways were buzzing with excited teams, coaches and parents.  For some teams this was their very first FLL competition!

food factor

Each team was assigned a K-Bot to be their guide for the day.  We love making connections with our FLL friends and we look forward to seeing them in the next few years at competition, and eventually when they join us in high school!

food factor

We showed our past season’s robot and offered driving lessons to our younger friends.  Many parents and judges were really intrigued with what we can accomplish during a 6 week build season.  We invited them to come and visit us sometime in January to see us in action!


Along with the FLL tournament, we also had a Jr. FLL Expo happening at the same time.  Our two teams were the Mini W.A.F.F.L.E.S. from Kingston, and the GermBusters from Brampton Ontario.  Many thanks to the GermBusters for making the trip to Kingston to join us.  We hope to see them again next year!


Our good friend the blue bear showed up to help pump up the crowd.  The blue bear got lots of hugs from young and old alike.

blue bear blue bear

All day teams spent their time programming and tweaking their robots to perform all of the required factor

There were demonstrations for local news media…


…and lots of anxious moments at the game tablesfood factor…and then we danced…dance

….and danced….


…even the referees danced!

ref's dance

We danced until we got tired.


Thanks so much to the DJs from our high school radio station 91.9FM CKVI The Cave for making sure there were always great dancing songs ready to go!prizes

The prizes were announced at the end of the tournament.  We love to line up and give high fives to everyone as they collect their participation medals and their prizes.

adult mentor

Congratulations to Mrs. Dossett for earning the Adult Mentor Award

young mentor

Congratulations to Wesley for earning the Young Adult Mentor Award

food factor

Congratulations also to the W.A.F.F.L.E.S., winners of the Champion’s Award, and Lancaster Roarbotics for qualifying for the Provincial competition in January.  We wish you all the best in your preparations for the next level of competition!

Other Awards

Robot Design Award: Lancaster Roarbotics

Robot Performance Award: Lancaster Roarbotics

Core Values Award: The Rhinobots

Project Award: The Roborhinos

Volunteer Award: John Shaw, our head judge from OPG Nuclear


robotics is the gateway drug for our future!

Thanks to all of the K-Bots who helped to keep things running smoothly today, from set up and registration, timing, cuing, working with FLL teams, working with judges, driving our robot, monitoring practice tables, being referees MCs DJs and the blue bear, cooking lunch, moving tables, writing thank you cards, taking great photographs, operating video cameras, making slideshows, dancing with enthusiasm, talking with media, and helping with all of the clean up.  Special thanks to Christine for organizing the entire event.

See you all again on Thursday when we’ll go to Transformix for a tour (time is not yet confirmed).  Permission forms are needed to go on this field trip.  Parent drivers would be greatly appreciated too–there are volunteer driver forms to fill out before driving.

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